Top 10 Tips On IT Support

The Best IT Equipment

This seems straightforward, but some computer and technology users, as well as business owners won’t realise how important it is to use quality equipment. You can buy a cheap piece of equipment that will work, but if you choose a more expensive model, when you compare the specifications of the two, you may notice that the more expensive option comes with a much faster processor, a more solid hard drive and more RAM. Not only is better equipment going to last longer, it will also have a quicker operating time, which is going to be the best thing for you, especially when it comes to your work. Don’t scrimp and save with your technology and IT equipment, it should be an investment and will really effect your IT support.

Check Before Buying

Like hardware, it’s also important to make sure that you are using the best software. From programmes to full business systems, the better quality the software, the most you’re going to get out of it for your business. Even when it comes to expensive systems and software, consider that its definitely the right option for you, with a expensive business system comes business software, installations fees and training, all of these elements will add up so make sure you check your needs and requirements and that it is going to be the best option for your company.


When it comes to IT support services, like Synergy, like a lot of problems, issues and even disaster, prevention is key. This especially goes for business continuity, your firm could include lots of employees who utilise a range of essential software, or it may be home to a small team that uses different computer systems and technology daily, either way a technology breakdown is going to affect both types of firms. It’s important to prepare for the worst, a technological disaster, as well as ensuring that you are doing everything to prevent this. From anti virus software to cloud storage and backup systems, there are lots of areas to consider when it comes to making sure that your business’s technology is always safe and secure.


Compatibility is another key factor for streamlined IT and technology services, make sure that you’re consistent and use the same hardware where possible, use the same software, making sure that all of your staff are using the same operating systems. While these tips may sound obvious, you will be surprised how much better your IT and technology will work together, ensuring reliability and business continuity.

Ticket Systems

Should you be a larger company or organisation, you may have your own IT ticket system, this is to help keep on top of any jobs and track the progress of tasks etc. Even if it’s internal, these simple ticketing systems are really helpful when it comes to organising departments, their issues and any tech problems. You can add auto responses to tickets, include numbers and an area to leave notes, as well as being a great way to get issues and problems fixed, they are also useful for recording and storing information.

Reduce Email Communication

When it comes to IT issues, more problems can occur from constant emails and replies about issues, a lot of IT personnel will spend ages going through emails, writing them and replying to them. Instead, implementing the ticket system which we mentioned above, a much tidier, concise and efficient way for IT teams to solve computer issues.

Create a Forum

If you’re a larger business or organisation, creating forums is a great way for your staff to communicate. Whether it’s about IT services or other topics they wish to discuss, a forum is a friendly way to get everyone involved and share information.

Dedicated Email Addresses

Another solution that will work well for medium to large sized organisations, having dedicated email addresses for certain departments, subjects or topics is another simple way to keep questions and queries organised and all in the same place.

Avoid Technical Jargon

We understand that with a lot of ‘techies’, technical language is second nature to them, however if you are the typical business owner, when speaking to one of these technical experts about an IT problem, you probably end up being as confused as you were to begin with. While they are experts and super specialists with IT skills and support, it’s probably not going to help you to find a solution. With this in mind there are plenty of technological and IT support teams out there who will be happy to help you, provide more information and explanations in a way that is easier to understand.

Be Motivational and Supportive

When it comes to technology and IT, different issues and problems can be frustrating for you, your employees and your IT support team. When things go wrong people get stressed, this is usually because they can’t continue with their work. Try a positive approach and use supportive language when trying to resolve issues and solve problems. Using a teamwork aspect and being co operative will go a long way.

For more information on IT support and the services that we provide here at Synergy, contact our team today.

Top 10 Tips On IT Support - Synergy IT

Top 10 Tips On IT Support

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