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Award winning IT Support and Services

Our IT Support is fast, reliable and proactive. We guarantee to be able to solve your IT issues, saving your team valuable time and money. Our clients primary focuses are reliability, speed and expertise. Our IT Support and services are proven to deliver all three of these. Our clients are more than satisfied with our reliable, rapid and expert services. You will love our multi award winning and friendly IT Support staff. As well as our expert Technology Consulting and our advanced cyber security solutions.

Our IT Support is very fast, reliable, and we can support you 24/7. Benefit from our managed IT Support ensuring any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. We offer 10-minute response time to critical technical support requests, proactive communication and continuous updates. On-site visits to your business in South Yorkshire and surrounding areas. If you want to become a client get in touch today!

Professional IT Support

You will receive an excellent service, dedicated account manager, and access to our professional team. Efficient 10 minute response time to critical requests 24 hours a day. Procurement of appropriate hardware and software for your organisations needs. Access to our cloud IT Support systems where you can schedule calls, log issues and see updates. Access to out knowledge, advice, teams, technology and support service. Proactive patching of software, hardware and infrastructure to fix vulnerabilities. Our out of hours maintenance to keep your devices protected and up to date. Data analyses system and assessments to identify any reoccurring problems and pin point the route of any underlying issues. Remote management system tools to enforce best practices on devices and your system.

Managed IT Support and Proactive Management

With our managed IT Support we use infrastructure monitoring which identifies potential issues and allows us to resolve them in the background before your company and teams are affected. Our Proactive monitoring and maintenance of your systems helps to prevent issues. We can apply regular updates to applications and infrastructure in the background.

Business Strategy and Planning

We offer annual strategic business planning meetings to ensure your IT roadmap is aligned to your business and its goals, with built in service timescales and cost planning. Ongoing IT environment audits with your dedicated business account manager to identify where improvements can be made.

These team meetings will focus on technology recommendations to grow your business, Cyber security to safeguard your business and reporting of employee experience to provide insights for improvement.

Your number one Cyber Security and Support Company

It only takes us 10 minutes for one of our engineers to respond to your IT issues. Over 100 of our clients have already experienced the countless benefits of our IT Support and remote working expertise. 98% of our clients are completely satisfied with our cloud solutions and expert service. Our IT Support services are perfect for your business if you have 10 to 250 employees.

And if you are looking for support 24/7. Our IT Support team is available 365 days a year at a no haste fixed monthly cost. We thrive with any business in the finance, property, or other professional services sectors. We are a perfect match if you want access to your IT Support quickly, and within just minutes.

Our IT Support company will help you achieve your business goals

Cyber security services

As technology and cyber security experts, we recommend many layers of protection Such as two-factor authentication, security awareness training and dark web monitoring. We can help with the development of your IT Security Policies.

Helping you to attain security certification ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. We will also design, support and implement your Disaster Recovery Plans. Want to become a client? Give us a quick call for free no obligation advise.

Mobile and Remote Working

Stay connected at all times with remote IT support service. As our partner we can give you access to quick and easy remote IT Support. All of our clients receive excellent support service and can get their IT issues fixed quickly.

You don’t need to leave your customers behind when you leave the office, our remote productivity service will help you support your customers from anywhere. IT Support is not all we offer, we give you access to useful tools and cloud systems to allow you to keep working, even when you’re not at the office.

Cloud computing services for Businesses

We offer amazing services such as Microsoft Teams, which will allow company, clients and team to collaborate, anytime from anywhere. As a Microsoft Partner Microsoft Cloud computing places all of your data and applications on hardware in a data centre.

Which allows you to access anywhere, all you need is a device with an internet connection. Regardless of whether you’re at home, in the office or connected to a public hotspot, you can continue working as you would normally. Never lose your data or ability to work ever again with cloud computing services. Call us today and speak to us for a free phone consultation.

Microsoft Email Security

The importance of securing your email is often disregarded by many businesses. There are many threats such as hackers, viruses, spam, phishing and identity theft. So don’t ignore them or it might cause you serious technical issues in the long run. These threats are not always obvious to people, the bad guys always coming up with more ingenious ways to disguise their devious intentions.

And you are unlikely to realise what’s happened until it’s too late. Our Microsoft Cloud Solutions has a number of build in threat response mechanisms to help prevent threats and risk. As your partner we will utilise the managed Microsoft service to its advantage to keep your company safe.

Kind words from our Clients

We are very happy with the IT Support service we receive from Synergy. Their team is highly professional and friendly and their support and maintenance contract works extremely well for us as an organisation. Our staff are not here to resolve IT issues and Synergy give us the freedom to get on with what we’re good at! Knowing that Synergy are on the end of the phone makes our job a lot easier.

Natalie Glasby

Glasby Pallets

We recently moved into new office’s and needed a reliable phone system installing as soon as possible. From initial contact with Synergy, outlining our requirements up to an installed & operating service was less than one week. The installation went smoothly and it appears to be working very well. Many thanks to Synergy, we have been impressed by the quick turnaround and level of service provided.

Robert Eaton

Arba Group

Our business is dependent on reliable internet connectivity. The connection we had with our previous provider was not reliable enough to suit our business needs. We found a local business called Synergy Networks, who were offering resilient wireless connectivity. We made the switch and have now found the new system to be more reliable and quicker than the old system. Good decision to change.

David Webster

MTL Advanced

Your Mac Support Company

We are experts in Mac IT Support, and offer many Mac support services. We are proud to be part of the Apple Consultants Network, this shows our knowledge and ensure our engineers are certified in Apple technology.

All of our engineers have achieved a complete certificate in iOS or OS X. We are certified experts in providing high quality customer advise, specialised IT services and we can help all business Mac users.

Managed Antivirus for Businesses

Threats from viruses, hackers and malware and spam are very high. As network security specialists we know they pose serious risk to your business. Most viruses are designed to steal or damage your companies data, such as credit card information, online banking details, and other valuable assets like usernames and passwords.

Other viruses are there to specifically just to cause problems for your business. Our managed Antivirus for businesses is fully managed remotely by our team. Allowing us support your company with immediate response, keeping your company and clients virus free. For free no obligation advise give us a quick phone call on the number 0114 221 6569.

Award-winning Support 2021

We are always there for you, we are not limited by working hours, we are not limited by location. We can give you immediate response as soon as you need it thanks to the internet and our advanced remote management service.

As our customer our team is always here to assist your company and clients. Regardless of whether your local or not, we are only a phone call away. Find out more about our support services now by calling the team on 0114 221 6569.

Can you help protect my business against cyber attacks?

We provide IT security expertise and support services helping you to protect your business against any cyber attack. We always recommend using multiple layers of protection to keep your business as secure as possible.

Taking advantage of features such as Two-Factor Authentication and Cyber Security Awareness Training. We follow the industry best practices for maximum data security. We strive to ensure our clients confidential data is protected at all times. If you want to become a customer feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.

How does the process of becoming a client work?

If your wanting to become a client and benefit from our Award Winning IT Support service all you need to do is contact us, either by calling or sending us an email. Our team he here to help you every step of the way.

Once you have made contact, we will talk and get to know you and your business. We don’t just jump in and give advise without knowing all the facts and needs of your business first. You will get to speak to our IT support engineers to discuss your business goals.

Once we know what your goals are and where you need to be we can find the right service to ensure its a perfect match for your business. Get in touch with us today for a dedicated account management team and bespoke service.

The best way to contact us is via phone. You only have to pay a fixed monthly amount based on your user count and you will benefit from unlimited support, consulting and administration..

Explore our expert IT services

This is a small taste of some of the services we offer, 24/7 IT Support, Business IT Equipment Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, Cloud Computing Services, IT Support, Document Solutions, Cyber Security Solutions, Email Security Services, IT Compliance Support, IT Support, Internet Connectivity, IT Consultancy for London Businesses, IT Support Helpdesk, IT Project Support, Mac IT Support, Managed Print Services, Managed Antivirus Service, Office 365 Migrations, Remote IT Support Solutions, Office IT Relocation Services, Remote IT Support, Virtualisation, Switching IT Support, IT Support.

Which businesses do you provide IT Support for?

We have been supporting small to medium sized UK businesses for over 25 years. Primarily our clients have 10 to 250+ employees. If you work in the Property Sector, Financial Services Industry, or other Professional Services, we are the perfect match to offer IT Support and solutions for your business.

How easy is it to switch IT Support provider?

We have been supporting small to medium sized UK businesses for over 25 years. Primarily our clients have 10 to 250+ employees.

If you work in the Property Sector, Financial Services Industry, or other Professional Services, we are the perfect match to offer and solutions for your business.

How much IT Support experience does Synergy have?

Synergy-UK have been providing IT Support to local business for 25+ years. With the number of staff we have that’s hundreds of years of combined knowledge, expertise and skills.

What does an IT company do?

As your IT company, we ensure all of your network, infrastructure and business keeps on running without technical issue. We keep your company data safe and secure, and help your staff with any technical difficulties.

How easy is it to switch provider?

Switching to us is a breeze, and is only a phone call away. We will get to know you and your business, and asses your company infrastructure before recommending a support package that suits your needs. Once that’s out of the way we do all the rest without disruption.

Do you provide other IT Support services?

Yes, we offer a large range of IT support services, everything from email hosting, offsite backup, leased broadband lines, antivirus solutions, software licencing and much more.

For IT support, call Synergy-UK today! We also provide our services across Barnsley, Chesterfield, Derby, Doncaster, Leicester, Loughborough, Mansfield, Nottingham, Rotherham, Sheffield and Wakefield.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does IT support cover?

    IT support services cover a range of areas that include your IT system, computers or technology, here at Synergy-UK our solutions cover remote IT support, ad hoc IT support, emergency response IT support, IT consultancy and managed IT support. We can also provide you with broadband, telephony, hosting, antivirus, IT hardware, software, IT auditing, data cabling and website design services if required. When you choose Synergy-UK, we provide our customers with the full package supporting all of your IT, computer and technology needs and requirements, for more information give our team a call today.

    What is an IT support technician?

    An IT support technician is a computer and IT expert, they are highly knowledgeable in a range of IT and computer related areas and will have the necessary skills needed to help fix any computer problems you may be experiencing, as well as provide a range of IT support services.

    What services do your IT solutions include?

    At Synergy-UK our IT support services include remote IT support, ad hoc IT support, emergency response IT support, IT consultancy and managed IT support. We can also assist with broadband, telephony, hosting, antivirus, IT hardware, software, IT auditing, data cabling and website design. When you choose Synergy-UK, we really do provide the full package for all of your IT, computer and technology needs and requirements, for more information give our team a call today.

    How much does IT support cost?

    Each and every IT service will vary, depending on the client and their requirements. The price will also consider the type of IT system or computer that is being used, as well as how big the system is, maybe it's just your own personal computer or you have an entire business computer system. You can call our experts who will consider your needs and come up with a bespoke quote and solution that will match your requirements.

    Why choose Synergy-UK for IT support?

    At Synergy-UK as well as having a wealth of experience, our IT technicians are also highly knowledgeable and have supporting a number of business’ IT needs locally and across the UK. With this in mind we have gained a fantastic reputation over the years and are known for our bespoke IT solutions that are perfect for a range of businesses and organisations.

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