Offsite Cloud Data Backups

Secure & reliable cloud backups

Our backup software will back up your server in real-time, as soon as a new file is created on your server, or a file is modified, our software automatically backs it up. Meaning you permanently have a duplicated file saved elsewhere, ensuring valuable information is never lost, no matter what circumstances your business might face.

Having an offsite cloud backup will ensure that your business is protected from cyber attacks, corrupted data and more. Unlike others, our service will not be affected if the internet connection is lost and the backup cannot complete, our software will automatically carry on from where it left off when the internet connection comes back online.

Getting Started

To get started, all you need to do is get in touch with us via email, phone or through our Clients Form

We'll have a chat about what you need

All you’ll need to do it tell us the outcome you’re looking for, and we’ll do the rest

Your Personal Team will be assigned

Experts in the services required by your outcome with go through the details and get the ball rolling

We'll deploy your new services

We’ll install, setup and support you through the whole process and ensure you’re secure and confident in your IT moving forwards.

Access to Backups

Only trusted Synergy-UK IT technicians have access to your backups, and our technicians will not access your backups without instruction from yourselves. Your backups will only be accessed in the event of data loss or corruption when data needs to be restored.

Our secure, remote servers provide a safe-haven for your data, un-obtainable and un-traceable by hackers or malicious viruses or malware.

A Local Service

As we primarily serve Sheffield and the surrounding areas, your server, which is backed up to our premises are only located a few minutes away. So in the event of any data loss, we are able to copy our backups to a new hard drive and bring them back to you the same working day.

This somewhat analogue service is what sets us apart, by adding a human element, our service as secure as possible.

At Synergy, we go the extra mile, our backup system notifies us via email if any backup ever fails. We also check the integrity of the backups manually once each month. In the event of the backup failing, we will immediately take a look at the backup system and resolve the issues.

Data Security

Your server backs up to our offsite backup cloud using a professional 3rd party backup program called Syncovery. This software is specifically designed for securely backing up servers.

Our backup server is locked down exclusively to your broadband IP address, this means that only your server is able to communicate with our server all other requests from the internet will be ignored. Your data is encrypted and the SSH account used to securely connect your server to ours is protected with a secure username and password.

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